Clas-SiC Wafer Fab is a new venture establishing a dedicated Silicon Carbide Wafer Foundry located in Scotland, UK.




Value Proposition


Dedicated Silicon
Carbide foundry


Accelerate R&D
cycle times


Scale to medium
rate production

Clas-SiC is unique in offering circa 4 week cycle times for Diode level SiC wafer processing to accelerate R & D and time to market for new device designs.

Mosfets & Switches are targeted at 8 weeks for R & D lots. Clas-SiC has invested in medium scale SiC production capacity to not only deliver time to market advantage but also time to profit as customer R & D is supported by over 200 man-years of Silicon Carbide processing expertise and a suite or library of “off the shelf” Process Module IP blocks to minimise technical risk and optimise R & D cycles to include design for manufacture principles from the outset.


Our Capabilities

Full 150mm tool set
For small volume rapid prototyping all the way to medium volume production Wafer fabrication, metrology, characterisation and test

Tool Type Tool Capability
Stepper i-line Currently 0.8um; 0.5um capable
Wafertracks SVG88 series Photoresist, polyimide
Plasma etch LAM 9400 SiC, polysilicon, etch
Plasma etch LAM 4520 Oxide, nitride etch
Plasma etch ET508 Oxygen plasma ash
Wet etch Wet benches Oxide, nitride, Al, Ti, TiW, Ni etches
Wet etch Wet benches Piranha, solvent resist strips
Wet processing Acid processor H2O2, H2SO4, NH4OH, HF, HCl
Films STS 3290 Al, AlCu, Ti, TiW, Ni
Films STS XM90 Ti, Ni, Ag
Films PECVD Silane based oxide, nitride; TEOS based oxide
Furnaces Expertech Thermal processing using N2, O2, H2O, N2O, NO
Furnaces Expertech Phosphorous deposition
Furnaces Expertech LPCVD polysilicon, nitride, LTO (undoped, PSG, BPSG)
Implant anneal Activator Argon anneal up to 1750°C
RTP Mattson 2800 Nitrogen, Argon, forming gas up to 1200°C
Metrology Carl Zeiss SEM
Test Reedholm RI20 2kV/5A wafer probing
Test Parameter analyser 3kV bench testing
Test Automatic Probers Automated wafer probing up to 2kV
Ion Implant - Subcontract
Metrology VMM ML2000 0.5μm
Metrology Sentech SE500 Ellipsometry
Metrology Nanometrics Reflectometry
Metrology Profilometer Surface profiling
Metrology Particulate checks Unpatterned wafer tool
Metrology 4 point probe Mapping and manual probes
Dicing Diamond saw Wafer saw + wash
Laser scribe Innolas IL1000 SiC laser scribing to assist traceability

Being added

Tool Type Tool Capability When
Ion Implant ULVAC PSiC Al, N, P, B species; temperature room to 600°C; energies up to 1.2MeV August 2019
Plasma Etch TBD Aluminium etch September 2019

Technology Overview





Carl founded II-VI Incorporated (Saxonburg, Pennsylvania USA) in 1971 to develop and manufacture II-VI compound semiconductor materials for optics and electro-optical applications in the then emerging, high-power laser arena. He served the company as its Principal Executive Officer and a Director for 36 years and continued as its Board Chairman for an additional 7 years.

During his career at II-VI, Carl oversaw and participated in or helped motivate company efforts to:

  • Develop and deploy the commercial scale manufacturing of highest-quality, laser-grade Cadmium Telluride (1971), Zinc Selenide (1975), Zinc Sulfide (1985) and diamond (2004)
  • Develop and deploy the commercial scale manufacturing of highest-quality, electronic-grade 3 inch, 100 mm and 150 mm diameter Silicon Carbide substrates (2000)
  • Since 2007, Carl has been active as a Primary Equity Investor in 3 startup/emerging, technology-based businesses and serves as Board Chairman for each of those entities.
  • Carl attained a Bachelors Degree from Purdue University (USA) in 1964, the Masters Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in 1965, and a Ph.D. Degree from the University of Illinois (USA) in 1969, all in the field of Electrical Engineering.

JD Brookhart, a managing director at CJ&M Holdings, holds a finance degree from Colorado State University. He began his career as an award winning sales executive at Xerox and was recruited to advance his career in medical equipment sales and then engineering software sales. He made a life-changing decision and spent the next 18 years coaching football in the NFL and at the highest level of college. He was a coordinator and head coach at a number of prestigious schools. He now directs CJ&M Holdings and their pursuit of supporting start-up companies. JD also serves as a Board member for several for profit and non-profit entities. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 4 sons.


Steve has 20 years’ experience as a Director of venture capital backed technology businesses with a diverse range of markets and business models from Software As A Service (SaaS) & Licensing, through component and sub-system level product development, production & delivery in International markets. Steve has an Electronic Engineering & Embedded Software background, starting his career in Semiconductors before moving into development of products and systems in both Commercial and Defence Applications. During 16 years as a CEO, Steve has been successful in both raising venture capital and delivering an exit for shareholders via trade sale. Steve joined Raytheon Systems in 2013 as Business Lead of their Silicon Carbide Semiconductors business

Rae has 30 years’ experience in the Semiconductor industry working for Hughes Microelectronics and then Raytheon Systems. Rae has held advanced technology leadership roles in Process Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations. Rae is a qualified Raytheon 6δ Expert and has worked as a R6δ project manager leading many process & quality improvement projects. Rae’s experience, capability and effectiveness will provide a “Global Competitive” operational excellence model for Clas-Sic Wafer Fab Ltd.

David has a strong background in process engineering and process development, with more than 24 years of silicon process integration, device engineering, process development and yield engineering experience at Raytheon Systems.  David moved into Silicon Carbide process integration and device engineering in 2004 and has experience across many SiC device technologies including Schottky diodes, PiN diodes, MOSFET’s, JFET’s, BJT’s, CLD’s and MESFET’s.  During David’s tenure at Raytheon, he worked on a number of successful SiC process developments leading to successful manufacture of 1000’s of SiC device wafers.

David has a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Silicon Processing and Manufacturing Technologies.  He has authored or co-authored more than 10 SiC processing papers, is joint inventor of one SiC related patent and has 3 other SiC related patent submissions pending. After leaving Raytheon Systems in 2017, David joined Clas-SiC as Principal Technologist, with oversight of Clas-SiC’s technology roadmap and technical direction.